Ten Reasons
Why YOU Need a Web Site!

Dear fellow speaking professional,

You need a website.

Granted, you probably already know that. But do you know all the reasons why you need a website? And if you already have a website, are you getting all the benefit from it that you can?

I won't say these are the all-time "Top Ten" reasons why you need a website, but these are ten darned good reasons.........

  1. Establish (or increase) credibility — Documenting your credentials on the Internet is one of the best ways of strengthening your credibility.

  2. Sell stuff — You only get one chance with BOR (back of the room) sales. But you can sell your resources on the Internet, 24/7/365.

  3. Keep in touch with your audience after the event — The Internet enables you to keep that "standing ovation" going, long after your program is finished!

  4. Build your list (get prospects) — Prospecting has been completely revolutioned by the Internet, and with your website you can reach prospects in ways never before possible.

  5. Residual income — You don't even have to sell products to make money from the Internet. Promoting other people's products or services through their affiliate programs can be very rewarding.

  6. Get feedback from your target market — Whether it's PreProgram Questionnaires or polls and surveys, the Internet is an unparalleled way of finding out what your customers think.

  7. Provide in-depth information — Your website's capacity is, for all practical purposes, limitless. So you can provide all kinds of information, to whatever depth your customers need. And not just in text — you can provide audio, video, multimedia, and more!

  8. Keep in touch with your customers — Keeping in touch with your customers on a regular basis used to be difficult and expensive. Through the wonder of the Internet, it's cheap and easy.

  9. People can contact you — Phone numbers can change; you can even change your physical address. But people can always find your website, and that means they can always find you!

  10. People expect you to have a website — the fact is, a website today is like a business card in the last millenium. If you don't have a website, people wonder what's wrong with you!

Remember, you can get everything you need for your website — domain names, hosting, security certificates and more — at Jim's Web World. (The preceding statement was an unpaid — dammit — commercial message.)

As always, wishing you every Internet success!

signed Jim Barber

Jim Barber