Seven Reasons Why You've
Just Gotta Have an "Instant" E-business!

Dear fellow speaking professional,

Let's face it... you need an "instant" e-business. Like Jim's Web World, but targeted to your niche market or topic.

Why? Here are seven reasons —

  1. It's fast... incredibly fast — OK, I'll admit it isn't "instant". But in about 30 minutes, your fully-functional e-commerce site will be open for business! That's pretty fast. Almost "instant".

  2. It's easy... unbelievably easy — That's right... "unbelievably" easy, because you just won't believe how simple and straightforward it is.

    Here's all you need to do to get your own fully-functional e-commerce store operational....

    • First, choose the reseller package that's best for you. (If you're undecided, I recommend you get the cheaper one; you can always upgrade later if you want to.)
    • Next, log into your reseller control center and specify the name you want your e-store to be called. (Don't worry about it. You can change this at any time.)
    • Finally, tell them where to deposit your income checks. (In other words, into which bank account do you want them to stuff money... while you sleep?)

    That's it! Three easy steps — taking less than 30 minutes — to owning your own e-commerce store. It just doesn't get any easier than that!

    Jim's Web World is an example of what your "instant biz" will look like!

    (Except that your e-store will be targeted to your customers and your prospects, building your brand... and making you money!)

    What are you waiting for? Choose your own instant e-store now and you can actually be serving customers and making money within the hour!

  3. You can differentiate yourself from your competition — So you speak on customer service? Or change management? Or leadership? They're great topics! You know they're great topics... because there are so many speakers speaking on those very same topics!

    What's a poor speaker to do? How can you stand out from the pack and differentiate yourself from all the other run-of-the-mill speakers out there?

    Selling Internet products is a terrific way to differentiate yourself from your competition. (But you'd better act fast... before your competition differentiates itself from you!)

  4. You get a variety of high-demand, repeat-sale products... that you don't have to design, produce, or inventory — Your "Instant Biz" comes pre-stocked with over 50 products. You have nothing to design, nothing to publish or manufacture, and nothing to inventory.

    And not just any products. Everybody is looking to get domain names; and everybody needs hosting for their websites; and everybody needs email accounts. And while "everybody" may not need certificates of security, productivity tools, or website design packages, you probably know a few thousand people who do.

    Wouldn't you like to have a product — instantly — that you could sell to a few thousand of your customers? You can do it with your own "instant" e-store!

  5. It's an unbeatable prospecting tool — But your instant e-commerce store isn't just for existing customers. It makes a terrific prospecting tool too.

    What other product could you offer a prospect that is inexpensive, universally desirable, and needs to be regularly renewed? (Renewal of their domain names, hosting, and other e-resources means that you don't need to keep in contact with your prospects, they'll keep in touch with you!)

  6. Your e-store is fully customizable, and easily integrates with your existing website — Sure, you can buy other template-based e-commerce stores. But can you customize them for optimum Search Engine friendliness? If you can't personalize an e-store to match your own website's unique style, it'll stick out like the proverbial thumb.

    That's not true for your "instant biz" from The Barber Shop. Although your store can be template-based (so you can get it up-and-running as quickly as possible), it can also be completely customizable to match your unique needs.

    And that brings us to....

  7. Quite simply, it's the most cost-effective prospecting tool, marketing tool, and residual-income generator you'll ever find! — I know, that's a powerful claim. But what other solution has all these benefits?

    • It takes less than 30 minutes of your time to set up!
    • It comes with a built-in shopping cart and merchant account... free!
    • You can sell over 50 different products... and you don't have to develop or stock anything.
    • It comes with its own built-in 24/7 customer support department... free!
    • You can buy all your own Internet resources — domain names, security certificates, hosting, email accounts, productivity tools, and more — at wholesale. You'll never pay retail again!
    • You get an array of goodies — FREE — with your e-store, including a $100 Google AdWords credit, a Secure SSL Certificate, Deluxe Email account, Traffic Blazer®, Website Tonight, and more! (Did I mention that these are FREE?)
    • You get all this for as little as $95. That's right — the freebies alone are worth several times what the e-store costs!

    Take the time to study this list carefully. Your career deserves it.

Now, I'm sure I could come up with more reasons than the seven listed here. But it all comes down to one question....

Can you find a more convenient, more cost-effective, more efficient, more automatic (yet totally customizable) method of producing a make-money-in-your-sleep residual income and keeping in touch with your prospects and customers?

If you can't, you owe it to yourself to get your "instant e-store" now... so you can be taming the Internet within the hour.

As always, wishing you every Internet success!

signed Jim Barber

Jim Barber